Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Winter Essentials!

Howdy Dolls,

Here in Australia it is now officially Winter and it is becoming more evident that I need to start preparing for the cold snap but like always I leave it until we are in complete chill before I decide that I need to get warm.

But there are a few items that I will always have in my wardrobe no matter what time of yeah it is just waiting for a cold snap and I thought I would share my Winter Essentials with you all.

I always have a dresscoat in my wardrobe I find them classy and chic I personally have a navy blue coat that looks just like Madeline's coat from the cartoon when I was a kid.
Dresscoats go with anything you can through it over jeans or a cute tunic and it will always look great!

I love boots, I always have.
 But I always find it hard to find the perfect pair of boots and last year I found them.
They are a deep cherry colour with a wedge heel and they have fake buttons running up the side of the outer leg which gives them a victorian feel.
I also make sure I have a pair of Gumboots (Wellingtons) in my closet they are essential on a soggy, muddy, rainy day and I have managed to find a couple of pairs of really cute pairs one that are black and white with spirals and flowers all over them and the other pair, which are my favourite, are red with white love hearts all over them.

I wear Tunics (or simple a-line dresses) all the time I pair them with a plain top and some cute stockings or socks and they are perfect for the cold weather!

I collect my stockings from Asia I like adorable stockings that a two year old would normally wear with characters or spots or patterns all over them.

Ok I am obsessed with scarves I wear them all year round and I have a huge collection but in the Winter more than any other time of the year a scarf is a must.
There is nothing worse than a cold neck.
I make sure I always have a plain white and black amongst my collection so that it can be matched with anything but I do have a lot of crazy scarves as well.

Skinny Jeans:
Well this is an essential all year round but more so when wearing boots! 
You need to be able to shove them into you boots with ease so the easiest way to do this is by wearing skinny jeans.

I love wearing Hats, Beanies and Berets! 
Especially Berets I own way too many but they go so well with a dresscoat and they look so much more chic than a standard beanie.

One of the first places that gets cold on me is my fingers so I do have a few pairs of gloves.
I have a couple of pairs of leather gloves and they are the best option to keep the cold out completely.
But mittens and woollen gloves sometimes go better with a more relaxed outfit and are also more comfortable to wear.

I love Winter and I live for the fashion and the weather I would love to live in a even colder climate.
Here in Melbourne we get cold but it never gets that cold that it snows and I would love to wake up to snow every now and then.

What are your Winter Essentials?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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