Tuesday, 1 July 2014

An Ode to Mum: Happy Birthday!

Howdy Doody Dolls,

Today happens to be my amazing Mum's birthday so I am going to take this time to tell you all about my Mum!

My Mum gives me my British streak the part that loves tea and scones the part that loves mushy peas and seaside fish and chips.
From tartan to oxfords she's given me my style having this little bit of British has made me who I am.

My Mum has taught be a lot in life from this stage on.
She taught me to walk, to talk, to love, to care, to be the best that I can be.
She taught me everything I know from cooking to crafts she's been there right by my side showing me and guiding the way.
Just like when I was taking these little steps she has always been there to hold my hand and helped me keep my feet firmly planted on the ground.

Sorry Mum but I love this photo :)
My Mum is the light in our home and the love in our hearts with out her we would not have the warmth and life that we do have in our home.
From the jokes that make her have tears streaming down her face to tender words everything she does brings so much joy to all our lives.

Whenever I am scared or down she has always been there to dry my tears and let me know that everything is going to be ok and to create the sense of safety back in my world.
Every time I fell and scrapped my knee she was there to pick me up and clean my wounds and set me off on my way.
Whenever I'm not feeling well she's there to help no matter what is going on she is always there to spread her love and care.

She is so smart and even at a stage in life where people start to wind down my Mum decided to go to school and become a Bowen Therapist to help more people and ease their pains and to bring more love and care.
She is always on the go and no matter what's on she always finds the time for me which means more than anything the gift of a lending ear.

But most of all you accepted Scott with open arms and embraced him as your son.
You're always there to hear him out and to lend him your time and ear.

Thank you mum for all you do for all the love and joy you give and all the silly things!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday like no other before filled with joy and love and happiness and presents galore!

Happy Birthday Mum!

Take Care Dolls and Love!

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