Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Coping with Exhaustion and Fatigue!

Hi Dolls,

I have to say that I woke up this morning so exhausted and more fatigued than when I went to bed last night so my brain is in weirdo mode and is not functioning at it's usual capacity.
Even typing, which is second nature to me, is a real effort.
I have a few problems that cause me to become really exhausted really easily and out of the blue.
So coping with exhaustion and fatigue have become a part of my life so I wanted to share with you some things that I do to help me recover.

Coffee is not the answer:
I can hear my family right now laughing at this one but it is true because studies have shown that Caffeine actually causes adrenal fatigue.
So instead of grabbing that cup of coffee try an apple.

Me Time:
One thing that helps me pick up is spending a little time with myself maybe with a good book or even watching a movie whatever it is that gives you pleasure and some R&R.
Sometimes I feel more exhausted when I have to keep up a conversation with someone so having some time where your mind is only on yourself is more relaxing than anything else.

Soaking in the Tub:
You can get some great aromatherapy bath salts that fill the air with soothing scents that relax you to your core also lighting some candles and playing some soothing music helps to set the mood so some relaxation.
I like to have a glass of wine while soaking in the bath and even read a book, you can see the books keep creeping in here.

I don't know if this is just me but snuggling up to either my Fiancé or my dog or even both is the most refreshing and relaxing time to my day.
Being embraced is just as soothing as a good soak in the bath.

I find that not only living a busy and fast paced life wears me out but also having a lot of stress drains me. So find something that helps to calm you and helps to clear your mind of the worries and stresses  that might be filling your life.

I use candles a lot having beautiful scented candles filling the air relaxes and calms my mood.
I like to choose scents that are really homely like Gingerbread or Christmas Cookies.
Yankee Candles make the most amazing homely scented candles and the Christmas scents are always the best.

Drink lots of Water:
By rehydrating your system it can flush out any toxins that could be draining you of your energy.
Also drinking lots of water keeps your system running healthily and the way it is meant to.

Have a Little Pamper Day: 
Like I said yesterday I had a pamper day by getting my nails done by my Sister in law but sometimes staying home with a lovely warming facial mask and soaking in a nice milk bath can make you feel refreshed and also makes you feel better about yourself.

Have an Early Night:
When I am really exhausted I try to force myself to go to bed at an early time so give myself the large amount of sleep that my body is asking for.

I hope some of this was helpful and if you  already knew all this maybe it reminded you to take a little you time.
I hope you are all having a wonderful day! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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