Friday, 18 July 2014

Fashion Friday: The Good and Bad of Shopping Online!

Hi Dolls,

I am an avid online shopper I buy clothes, food, beauty products, furniture you name I have bought it and I normally would see myself as a experienced online shopper but even us experienced shoppers still have those times where something doesn't go to plan and today was one of those times.

I was meant to be posting a sponsored post for today with a couple of clothing items that had been sent to me by an online clothing store, which I will not name, when I received the items they were wrinkled and did not sit properly so I thought they would just need a little bit of an iron and they will be right to wear. So I grabbed out my iron and looked over the garment to see if there was any care instructions or even a tag telling me what the garment was  made out of so I would know what heat to set my iron on but there were no tags at all only the garment on the brand name at the top so I proceeded to iron the item and the second the iron touched the garment it melted right through the fabric and stuck to my iron which I was not impressed about.
If they had placed on the garment the care tags this would not have happened.
That gets me to one of my first points about shopping online sometimes when shopping online the cheaper items will not go to the amount of detail that a normal store you would find in a shopping centre would so always be careful on how you care for your cheaper online purchases.

I shop overseas all the time and I have had basically no problems and I always shop for items from Japan, Korea and China and they are always high quality and worth repurchasing so just because some stores may sell cheap items that are made poorly doesn't mean all cheaper stores are made from cheap material.
I tend to stick to brand names when shopping in Asia, for example when I want to purchase from Japan I will look for brands like Liz Lisa or Tralala they are bigger named stores that are very popular in Japan and across the world. Being petit in size I have to buy a lot of my clothes overseas because these days in Australia they are slowly cutting out the smaller sizes in a lot of stores and I have a lot of trouble getting clothes to fit me perfectly so that is why I love online shopping.

I also find that shopping centres like to try and keep control of the style that everyone is going to be wearing that season and I hate that I like to have my own style and to be able to dress how I feel comfortable and that is why online shopping is great it allows you to explore a large variety of  genres at a click of a mouse.

I have had a few times when purchasing designer items they have turned out to be fake when they are advertised as being the real thing.
One Christmas I bought for my Fiancé a so called Versace belt and we had been looking at the exact one in Versace Melbourne so we knew exactly what it was meant to look like and what the key giveaways were for fakes and when we received it it was the worst knockoff I had ever seen the medusa face, that is on the Versace symbol, was unrecognisable and when we told the seller that it was a fake he got very upset and said that he was sold it from someone else and knows that it was real but I still held my ground and got my money back but the sad thing was a week later the guy tried selling it again on eBay and even wrote that I had told him it was fake and it is very much real in his ad I was astonished and someone actually fell for it and bought it off him for a crazy overpriced amount.

But I have also bought quite a few designer items off of eBay like my Louis Vuitton handbag it came with its documentation and receipt and even the protective slip and I have purchased a Hermes Bangle brand new given to the lady as a gift and that too came with receipts and documentation.
If you know what you are talking about and you research what you are buying you will always be safe when buying online. Stand your ground the customer is always right and always check feedback scores and details when shopping on  eBay if people have rated them poorly it's probably not a good idea to buy from them.

I find a lot of people are scared or weary of shopping online and they think that they will loose there money or get scammed but if you always shop through a payment system like PayPal you will always have a back up if things go wrong and they will in most situations help to get your money back.
Never pay with a credit card I always use PayPal that way there is no risk in people stealing details or money from your accounts. I have used credit cards on places like TicketTek to buy tickets and I have also used it on paying for flights on airline websites but I see them as trustworthy and I know that they will not be stealing my money from me.

There have been a lot of times where I have had fights with sellers and one time my item was lost in the mail from its journey from Queensland to Victoria in Australia and the lady was refusing to give my money back but luckily because it was registered the post office reimbursed all my expenses.
There is always a way to fix a nasty situation so don't get scared off from experiencing online shopping and the world that opens up to you through the internet. 

I hope you have never had a bad experience and never will because boy is online shopping fun and highly addictive! 

Have a great day Dolls!! 

Take Care and Love! 

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