Friday, 25 July 2014

Fashion Friday: The Roaring Twenties!

Hi Dolls,

If I had to choose one era to be my favourite for fashion it would have to be the twenties.
Flapper Girls and Gangsters, two toned brogues loafers and finger waves just some of the beautiful things that make the twenties great.

The 1920s was the decade where style entered into what we know as modern fashion.
We said goodbye to corsets and hoop skirts and hello to plunging necklines and lots of glitter and glitz.
It is also the era where us ladies starting dressing for comfort and started wearing pants.
Not only was there vast style changes but the development of new technologies meant that we no longer had to be laced into or button up in our clothes because of the invention of hook and eye.

The twenties also was the start of the boyish look, where ladies started cropping their hair and wearing suits. With a lot of influence from France and designers like Coco Chanel, bobs were in and so were Cloche Hats and tight finger waves.
The more common way to describe these lovely ladies are none other than our beloved Flapper Girls. A new breed of young women who wore short skirts, cropped hair, listened to jazz and let it be known that they aren't going to be these quiet meek little girls anymore with a lifestyle filled with parties and a more open way of living life to the fullest, something you would expect to see in The Great Gatsby. 

The interesting thing about this era was they went to great lengths to make themselves look flatter in their chest, stomach and hips to keep in line with the desired boyish look.
They developed a style of corset that flattened everything out unlike the corsets that we are more familiar with that actually did the exact opposite. This was known as the side lacer to pull everything flat. In this time it was seen that people with larger chests were unsophisticated unlike the admired Flapper Girl.

As for cosmetics it was seen better to be pale but only until the beautiful Coco Chanel was seen sporting a lovely tan after a holiday it was then seen as a sign that you live a life of leisure and that you looked fit and sporty.
The Flapper Girls changed the world of cosmetics completely. Previously it was seen to be trashy to wear make up, or a large amount of it, it was only those in the theatre and the ladies of the night that would wear make up but the Flapper Girls brought in the desire to wear heavy amounts of make up.
The invention of the metal lipstick container made it easy to transport and also the use of compact mirrors became fashionable. Dark eyes were all the rage and so too was blush.

Basically everything we now know about fashion and cosmetics is thanks to the twenties. 
If it wasn't for those ladies of this era who knows we might still be wearing floor length gowns and large bonnets.

Thanks to The Great Gatsby being such a huge hit a lot of the fashion from this era has made a come back in the past couple of years. One store I love, called Alannah Hill, devoted a lot of their collections to this era with lots of embellishments and a lot of much needed glitz but have since moved onto other eras for inspiration.

Alannah Hill circa 2013

This dress really looked stunning on. My Mother in law actually wore it to my Brother and Sister in laws wedding this year and words could not explain how beautiful it looked on her with a peach cardigan.

I am thankful for the twenties and what it has given us in fashion today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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