Friday, 11 July 2014

Fashion Friday!

Hi Dolls,

I was scrolling the pages of a few alternative clothing websites and I stumbled across some amazing garments and one thing that scares people away from shopping on more quirkier clothing stores is they think all the garments will be way out there and hard to style but the truth is a lot of the garments are ready to wear and even some that you can pass for boutique pieces.
I wanted to show you some items from a store that I love called Beserk it is an Australian website but good news they also ship world wide so this is a post for everyone!! 

Of course this site is full of stuff that may not appeal to most people but you might be surprised with what you find if you allow yourself to branch out of your comfort zone.

If you have followed my blog for a while you would have noticed I wear two tones loafers a lot and I love the look of any two toned shoe especially heels but they are actually quite hard to find.
I love to wear them with a cute black dress or even some jeans with a dressy jacket.
I find two toned shoes one of the easiest ways to dress up an outfit they give a timeless chic and style like no other shoe I have worn before.

I fell in love with this the first time I saw it on Facebook it reminds me of Cinderella or some grand royal carriage.
I have been contemplating this for a while and it is only $18.00 and made from Pewter I think it would look beautiful with some loose curls hanging down my back.

I know that this might be too much for some of you but for me I was like wow! 
I love textured skirts and I love lace and most of all I love pencil skirts.
I have always been a lover of the victorian era for their style and their class and I think this captures that and mixes it with some modern beauty.

From this angle you can't see but along the bottom edge is a small ruffle of the fabric it adds to the simple pencil style of skirt.
I love the retro feel to the style of this skirt and the colours makes for a perfect nautical inspired outfit.

I don't know if you remember but a few weeks back I did a post in a pretty Japanese Lolita dress with cute characters and bows all over it this dress reminded me of that but a bit more wearable.
I love full skirt dresses with lots of tulle underneath I feel like a princess or a ballerina twirling everywhere.... I know I'm a big kid.

They also stock a wide range of cosmetics including Lime Crime who might I say made some amazing coloured lipsticks.

Sometimes it's fun to explore and step out of the norm you never know you might love the new style.

I hope you are all having a great day!! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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