Friday, 4 July 2014

Floral Friday!

Hi Dolls,

So it's a start to a new month and nothing brings me more joy than seeing what is coming out in bloom or what is sprouting in the garden.
But also being a chickadee who is slowly planning a wedding I always have my eyes out for what flowers will be in season at what time of the year.

So I wanted to share with you all what beautiful flowers will be in bloom this month down south!

These small petals may be meek and tiny but don't let that fool you they hold the most amazing fragrance that greets you as you walk by.
These beautiful flowers are found on evergreen shrubs/bushes but make the most chic centrepieces and bouquets with their incredible aroma and soft tones it makes for a very feminine piece for weddings, kitchen teas or even as a room warmer!

Flannel Flowers:
These little guys have a very similar look to the Daisy but with less petals and more pointed petals.
The name is given because the petals are a lot like felt to touch rather than the normal soft petal feel.
Beautiful in bouquets and in vases these make a wonderful addition to give a fresh look to the room.

These beautiful flowers are also known as Christmas Roses probably because they are in season in the US for Christmas.
The soft delicate petals remind me of tiny fairies dancing it petal skirts.
Perfect for centrepieces or bouquets and also brining a fresh feel to a room.

I love these flowers they stand tall and proud in the gardens through the surrounding mountains of Melbourne we have a whole garden in the Dandenongs dedicated to this beautiful flowers.
These are that large you may need a large vase to display them but if you do it is well worth it they bring colour and life into the world like no other.
Coming in a wide range of colours there would be something to suit everyone's home or wedding.

I love this bouquet I love the contrast between the white and the black it is so striking and so chic and it would look amazing against a wedding gown or in a room based around white and black.
They remind me of Poppies but with a white petal these might be my new favourite of the month.

I realise that a lot of you are not in the same season as I am and I did look for ideas to post for other countries but it wasn't an easy task I look through pages and pages of information and no one would give me an exact month floral release only a seasonal release.
So if you are in Summer at the moment to flowers that will most likely be in season are... 
Gardenia, Hydrangeas, Iris, Lilac, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Dahlia and Delpinium to name a few.

I hope you are having a day filled with blossoms and blooms that bring great joy and wonder to your day.

Take Care Dolls and Love!
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