Sunday, 6 July 2014

How I make my Sunday a Funday!

Hi Dolls,

I love Sunday there is so much fun things that can be done and it is the last day of the weekend so you have to finish it off with a bang! 
But saving for out wedding we don't get a lot of chances to go out but when we do we make the most of the time we have out together.
I wanted to share with you all my favourite things to do to make Sunday a Funday!

Lunch at a Market:
I live in a semi-rural section of Victoria in Australia so Markets are everywhere on a Sunday but one in particular makes the yummiest lunches!
The Gisbourne Market always has the yummiest food stalls to choose from we like to go for the Gozleme, Crepes and Hungarian Friend Bread.
They are always made fresh for you there and it is always worth the wait.

The Chocolate Mill:
On the outskirts of Daylesford in a town called Mount Franklin you will find The Chocolate Mill and might I just say that they make the best Hot Chocolates in Melbourne!
Made from real chocolate with a choice of Milk, Dark or White there is something for everyones tastes.
They also make gourmet chocolates on site and all kinds of delectable goodies.

The Great Ocean Road:
My Favourite place in Victoria has to be The Great Ocean Road.
We are always driving down to Torquay, Airley's Inlet or Lorne for the day just to take in the beauty and peace of the ocean.
The best pizza can be found in Torquay at the Torquay Centre Pizza shop.

There are so many beautiful waterfalls scattered across Victoria and a couple are within 30 minutes from me and in the late winter they are all in full flow and are well worth the adventure.
Some of my favourites are actually found down near the Great Ocean Road surrounded my lush ferns and wildlife.

Head into the City:
Melbourne has grown into a must shop destination in Australia.
We are slowly getting more and more huge international brands setting up shop along the streets of our great city.
From H&M to Zara, Louis Vuitton to Chanel there is something for everyones taste in Melbourne.
Not only is there great shopping but great food and entertainment we have some of the greatest restaurants in the world here and a lot can be found at the Crown Casino my favourite would have to be the Nobu.

The Dandenongs:
The Dandenong ranges is one Melbourne's most famous tourist destinations and that is because of the beautiful gardens and hidden gems that are scattered all across the mountain.
One of my favourite gardens to visit is Alfred Nichols Memorial Garden it is just off the main road through Olinda and is hardly visited. Every time I have been there I have been basically the only person.

Expos, Galleries and Museums:
Melbourne is lucky enough to home some of the worlds  greatest art pieces and regularly hosts a vast array of expos from Bridal to Flowers to Cars anything that may tickle your fancy.
Some are free and others are only a small cost to get in but all are worth a look.
The Melbourne Museum is actually home to the IMAX one of the biggest cinema screens in the world and the experience of viewing a high definition movie on this screen is beyond compare and the sound is unbelievable.

 I love to explore and have adventures no matter where I am I love to take in the beauty around me and appreciate the gift of this planet and the people in it.
 Taking a Sunday drive and just seeing where it takes you is one of the most rewarding things that can be done most of the time you will find things that you would not have normally  seen or done if you had planned your adventure before hand.

But what makes my Sunday a Funday most of all is being able to spend it with the love of my life.

I hope you are all having a great weekend! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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