Thursday, 3 July 2014

June Favourites!

Hi Dolls!! 

This month I haven't really been buying many things or even been trying new things so I was a little stuck to what I could use but I remember the first week of June I did buy a couple of things which I have loved and couldn't stop using! 

I seriously can't get enough of books at the moment I always have my nose in a book and there was even a competition between my Dad and I who could read the most ... unfortunately I lost, that crazy man reads a couple of books a day I think his some kind of power reading robot!
So that brings me to my first favourite! 

Divergent by Veronica Roth:
Now I have to admit that I have not seen the movie and I wasn't even interested in the books until I got talked into it by my Sister in-law and the beautiful Melaniface.
Let me just say wow! 
This book was great, the characters were great and I was sucked in.
It was a little slow at the start and my Sister in-law told me to stick at it and she was right it was amazing! 
I never thought I would say this but there is a better male character than Peeta from Hunger Games!

I have been struggling with my hair breaking a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot! 
At the nape of my neck all the hair around there is so short it is so annoying when I am trying to style it.
So I needed to suss out an alternative to my beloved Denman Brush and this is what I got...

Tangle Teaser:
I am going to start by saying I wasn't too sure about his when I first started using it I have thick hair and I felt like it wasn't brushing through the layers of hair that I have but that was just because I was so used to having my other brushes ripping through my hair rather than taking care and doing it slowly.
I have noticed that my breakage has stopped and I am having less knots which is great.
Like the story goes slow and steady wins the race.

I am being cheeky and using a couple of items from my last months favourites but I have to be honest with you Dolls I can't stop using them if you are following me on Instagram you will know I have been wearing it in most of my selfies! 

MAC Alluring Aquatic Goddess of the Sea and MAC Burgundy Pencil:
The beautiful tones of purple are amazing! 
I am loving the dark deep tones of lips for this Winter and the contrast with my dark hair and eyes it makes everything just pop.
I wish I had got a couple of these lipsticks now but they were limited editions so I will have to find something similar.

I got this next favourite in a presale one of 200 in Australia!!

Benefit They're Real Push-up Liner:
This was finally released to the public last week after five years of development and it was well worth the wait.
I love the dark and striking effect this gel liner gives and it is really easy to use once you have the handling down to an art.
This has been another product I can't stop using.

And finally I got this straight from New Zealand,

XO Beauty The Feline Lashes:
I have been wanting to try these lashes by Shannonxo and I finally ordered them and they were really cheap.
I loved this pair because they have that chic winged look and they are look amazing when on.

I hope you all had a great month and had lots of fun and found lots of goodies! 

Take Care Dolls and Love
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