Sunday, 13 July 2014

My Daily Make Up Products!

Hi Dolls,

I am a creature of habit and it takes a lot for me to change how I do things on a daily basis and that is the same with my make up routine.
I tend to use the same products until I can no longer use them for reasons like being discontinued or being a limited edition.
I also am the kind of person who thinks well if it works why not stay loyal to the product and the company.

But saying that all these products are new editions this year to my routine I have come out of my comfit zone and found some new loves and I wanted to share the products I love to wear on a daily basis.


The Porefessional by Benefit:
I use this as my primer to create a smooth an even base.
I have loved the results of this product and now there are a few versions of this available on the market but not many in Australia.
I only use this is the areas where my pores are more visible such as my nose, forehead, upper cheeks, chin and under the nose.
The great thing about this product it goes really far and using the smallest amount of product will cover most of the face which is great when you are buying more expensive products and the tube is quite small so I like to try and make it last as long as possible.

Shadow Insurance Candlelight by Too Faced:
I apply this to my eye lids first to allow it to set and dry to maximise the staying power of the product.
I have used a lot of different products to keep my eye shadow in place and this I have to say has given me the greatest result. I have had my eye make-up last up to 24hours with this product underneath.
All you need is the tiniest dot of product on each eyelid and it will cover evenly and work perfectly.

Perfection Lumiere by Chanel:
I have loved all the Chanel foundations I have used I love the tones they are  available in.
A lot of other companies make their foundations too yellow or orange for my skin tone but Chanel make the perfect ivory or beige tones that don't leave me looking like an Oompa Loompa which in the beauty would is a good thing.
I use two pumps of the product and apply with a stippling brush and the results are perfect coverage and a flawless slightly matte finish.


Candlelight by Too Faced:
I use this as a translucent powder to seal my foundation even though it is quite illuminated I tend to like a glowing finish rather than a completely matte face that looks like you've been hit in the face with a huge powder bat.
I use a large powder brush and try to dab the product on instead of push the product around to make sure I keep my perfect coverage.

Prom Princess by MAC:
This was unfortunately a limited edition and it is the best blush that I have ever used.
It is a very bright pink but being so bright you don't need to use much product you can slightly powder your cheeks and there will  be beautiful blushing cheeks.
I use a contouring brush and try to concentrate on my jaw line and the apple of my cheeks then to make sure I am not looking like a doll I get a clean powder brush and slightly blend the tops of the blush to make it look like blushing rather than a big blob of paint.


Chocolate Bar Palette by Too Faced:
I have loved this from the first time I tried it the colours are the perfect shades for my darker features.
I tend to use the darker browns a lot and have a nice blended eye with the paler shades.
This palette is so versatile I can get so many looks with this one palette. 

They're Real Push-up Liner by Benefit:
I have been using this all the time since its release last month it has taken me a little practice to get the technique down to an art but once I have figured it out I love the effect that it gives.
I tend to start with the wing and then try and join the rest of the eye lining to that I have found that to be the easiest way to use this product but I still have a little trouble with the very inner corner of my eye.

Better Than Sex by Too Faced:
Ok let me just say there has never ever been a mascara that has lived up to this one.
I love huge thick and full lashes that stand out for the whole world to see and this does that without clumping every single lash together.
I tend to start at the very roots to make sure I am getting enough lift to make my lashes look extra long and once I am happy with the thickness then I will go over the ends pulling them out as long as I can to give the effect of wearing falsies. I was blessed to have been born with long lashes so I can achieve this easier than other people.

Instant Brow by Benefit:
I am only a new recruit to the brow converts I was always a little sceptical and thought that because I have naturally dark brows that there was no need to buy into another product but I am glad I did it just finishes off every make up look I do and frames my whole face.
I first use the brow brush and comb through my brows until I have achieved my desired look and then using the pencil end I follow the outline of my brows and then slightly fill in the inside then using the brow brush again I softly brush through my brows until they are looking natural rather than tattooed brows.

I do tend to wear a lot of lipstick these days which is also a new thing I used to be a natural lip kind of girl but now I'm all for the deep dark lips especially for winter. I use a lot of MAC lipsticks and I am wanting to start to branch out into Lime Crime and some other more alternative lip companies.

I know that this is not really one of those quick five minute make up looks I think I might be a little too much of a perfectionist to only do a basic look but I am always happy with how it turns out.

What are you're daily make up loves??

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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