Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Tale as Old as Time!

Howdy Doody Dolls,

I know the disney fan is coming out in me with the title today but who doesn't love a little Beauty and the Beast! 

I woke to the most amazing news and I just had to share it with you all.

I am not sure if you know but last September my Fiancé and I went to Queenstown in New Zealand for a four day trip to explore the snow fields which didn't go to plan I hated the snow field we went to and ended up in tears and we had to change our plans on the first day of being there but it turned out for the best.
We went on a cruise at the Milford Sound and even did star gazing at the Skyline it was the greatest holiday I had ever had but it was soon to get better.
On the final day we were there my cheeky man planned a helicopter flight up to Mt Vanguard which is a snow capped mountain in the region and while I was taking in the views of Queenstown he knelt down on one knee and professed his undying love to me and asked me to be his forever.

Fast Forward to a month ago, my Mother in law messaged me telling me about a wedding expo that was going to be in Melbourne that weekend and I thought nothing of it and even told her no it's a waste of time and money there is never anything of use at these shows for people wanting to get married overseas.
But that night I had to eat my words for the Queenstown Wedding Association advertised that they would have a stall at that exact expo so I told me Fiancé thunderbirds are go and he got the tickets booked.

But not only was it going to be a stall for information but they were also holding a competition  to win a wedding to the value of $9000 in the beautiful destination of Queenstown and we were so excited for the thought of having this blessing on our lives but kept in mind that there are others that are wanting this prize as badly as we do and that there is a high chance we will not win it.

Fast forward again to this morning, the day of the winner announcement and I would like to tell you all that we are so over the moon to say we won the competition.

When I read the words on Instagram this morning through sleep filled eyes I couldn't believe I was reading it right I seriously had to read it a few times until it sinked in and then the tears started and I started screaming We Won We Won!!

Then I had to tell my Fiancé who is fast asleep at his house, I finally got his Mum to go and wake him and I felt so bad he thought some one had died through my sobs and screams but once he realised that my tears were tears of joy and excitement he joined in with the laughter and we both are truly blessed, stunned and overwhelmed to think this has happened to us.

Queenstown Wedding Association has helped to make our dream become achievable they have made it so we can afford to do the things that we would not normally be able to afford being on a budget.
Thank you for your kind gift and to all the companies who have donated to our big day.

I will be posting and keeping you all up to date with our planning and our adventure into forever together.
I am so excited to share this with every single one of you! 

Thanks for your daily reads and comments you have been near and dear to my heart and I love to be able to share my life with you all! 

Have a wonderful day filled with joy and love! 

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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