Thursday, 10 July 2014

TBT: Movies of my Childhood!

Hi Dolls,

The other day one of my cousins posted on Facebook a clip from one of my favourite childhood movies and it had be reminiscing of other movies I loved and I wanted to see how many of you also grew up with my favourites and loved them as much as I did.

A Little Princess:
I'm going to start with my all time favourite A Little Princess! 
I actually won tickets to this in a colouring competition when I was 7 years old and it became my favourite move as a child.
Starting off in India Sarah tells her amazing tales to the friends she has there until she is taken to stay at an all girls school in New York while her father is sent off to war. Her stories are told in private to all the other girls in the school until the loss of her father when she is then made a servant of the school but that's not where this movie ends all kids movies have to have a feel good ending and this has an amazing one.
Full of laughter, adventure and tears I still love watching it to this day.

Ok what girl didn't love Madeline when they were little well maybe heaps but me I couldn't get enough I had all the episodes on VHS, yes that is how old I am I used a VCR, and then they released the movie.
About a french orphan named Madeline and all he chaos and adventures she gets up to this is a fun and crazy movie that kept me entertained for hours on end.

Barbie and the Rockers out of this World:
Now this one as you can tell is an oldie made in 1987 my parents found it at a market for me and I loved it.
Barbie and her band, the rockers, get pulled through a black hole into the past and land in the 1950s and become a huge hit in the music scene.
But of course Barbie makes it back in to the right era just in time for her huge concert.
Probably on of the most corniest movies I watched but it was great when you were a 6 year old and obsessed with Barbie.

I have always loved the Russian culture and history so there was no doubt that I was going to love this movie when it was released in 1997.
Based on the real life Russian Princess Anastasia, who unfortunately was murdered along with her family in a revolution, this movie has taken the rumours of her survival and made a happy ending from a real life tragedy.
With big dance number and great songs to sing a long to it's a movie fit for any little princess! 

Beauty and the Beast:
One of Disney's biggest movies of all time and my favourite princess of all time! 
Beauty and the Beast has always appealed to me more than any other princess movie I don't know if it's the music and the characters or if I can relate to Belle more because she is a placid bookworm who is misunderstood by those around her.
But I love it! 
And like in all Disney movie's love prevails and happiness is restored what better way to end an amazing movie.

The Secret Garden:
Based on the amazing classic novel by Frances Burnett about a orphaned girl Mary and her discovery of a secret garden that used to belong to her deceased mother.
Another movie that I couldn't stop watching with a very similar feeling to A Little Princess.
There is something peaceful and beautiful about watching a british country movie even as a child these kinds of movies relaxed me and made me feel happier.

The Swan Princess:
If you haven't noticed I had a thing for Princesses maybe because I am one all girls are (sorry A Little Princess quote it had to happen sometime).
I used to love the characters in this movie the quirky animals and the silly adult figures it made for a lot of childhood laughter.
Odette is a princess who is set to marry the prince Derek but she is cursed and turned into a Swan and kept prisoner until she can be released from the evil spell so she can live happily ever after.

This is the movie I mentioned earlier that my cousin shared on Facebook and it was watched so much in my house.
Full of fairies and princes and love and more quirky characters how could I not have loved it.
It is also loaded with some surprisingly good songs like Let Me Be Your Wings and On The Road.
Now I am trying to find a copy on BluRay so I can watch it again because I don't own a VCR any more and I have a copy that is on VHS.
But I will find you wherever you are! 

I have always loved movies especially cartoons so my list could have gone on forever but these are my absolute favourite.

What movies or cartoons did you love as a child??
I would love to hear what you watched.

Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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