Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies!

Hi Dolls,

I am one of the biggest movie fans and so is my Fiancé so we spend a lot of our weekends watching movies and sourcing out something new to watch.
There are so many great films out there and so many genres to choose from so it is easy to find something that you fall in love with and continue to watch for years to come.

So I wanted to share with you all some of the movies that have a place in my heart.
Movies that I just can't get enough of and movies that keep me entertained, which is a hard thing.
I like a vast amount of genres so there might be something for everyone here.

Howl's Moving Castle:
So you might might already have noticed that I love anime especially Hayao Miyasaki movies.
Well Howl's Moving Castle would have to be my favourite of all his films.
If you are not used to the Japanese style of Anime you may find it weird or a bit out there but that is exactly what I love about it.
This movie is about Sophie a teenager who gets cursed by a witch and is turned into an old lady. To hide from her shame of being and old lady she finds refuge in Howl's castle.
Howl is the wizard in the parts that is fighting to save the land from the evil of the King's head sorceress. 
This movie is also about the bond between Sophie and Howl and their beautiful love story that forms.  

Across the Universe:
Can I get a show of hands of all those Beatles fans out there!! 
If you put your hand up then you have to watch this film. This movie is loaded with Beatles music.
Set at the time of the Vietnam War and the hight of political unrest, where young adults hit the streets protesting the themes of love and peace, is Jude, from Liverpool, who has come to America in search of his American Father. Jude forms a bond with some young Americans who are scared about getting shipped off to war and are fighting for a world of peace.
You can see how the Beatles songs fit in here perfectly!
A film filled tragedy, love and strong views on peace and politics this has been a favourite since I first saw it back in 2007.

Ok who doesn't love jazz, lounge singers and a good fight for human life oh and an amazing selection of broadway classics.
Chicago is a film that follows the women on death row for murdering the men in their life.
We meet Roxy Hart, who shot her boyfriend because he was leaving, and Velma Kelly, A Jazz Singer who killed her Husband and her Sister for having an affair, and their fight for freedom with their lawyer, Billy Flynn, who seems to like his fame more than his clients.
This is a film filled with jazz numbers and quirky moments that keep me coming back for more. 

House of Flying Daggers:
This is an amazing film filled with Martial Arts and Fantasy.
I have never really loved martial arts films but this I bought as soon as I saw it.
It has the most placid themes through the film that keep me at peace and filled with joy.
Of coarse it's a martial arts film so its got fighting and action but there something calming about the way they have made this film they really captured the peace of the Asian culture.
There is a  secret group called The House of Flying Daggers that the police are trying to investigate, so the captain sends investigate a young dancer that they believe to be involved with the secret group.
The officer arrests Mei, the dancer, and then breaks her out of jail to win her trust and to help lead the police to the secret group.

Ok I quote this movie all the time I find it absolutely hilarious it has that dry humour that tickles me right to the core.
This is actually my hype movie, if I am ever feeling low I watch this and I'm all good again.
The film follows Juno, a teenager that falls pregnant to boyfriend Bleeker, and her journey through her pregnancy and how she deals with it all.

You can tell by the name that this is not a feel good movie but it is so well made it is one of my favourites.
This film follows Justine and her struggle with bipolar and also the story of how the family are handling the fast approaching planet Melancholia that looks to be pacing earth by.
I really mean that if you are wanting a feel good movie than this is not it you have to watch this when you are in a good mood its an intense film at times but so worth the watch.

Memoirs of a Geisha:
I loved this film and I loved the book!
This is everything that I love about Japan, their deep culture that us westerners can't even begin to imagine living in.
This film follows Chiyo, a small girl who is sold to a Geisha house in Kyoto, and her journey from slave to famed Geisha and her fight for love.
This might have to be my most watched movie I love it every time!

My Fair Lady:
You can't have a movie list without a Audrey Hepburn movie and even though I love so many of them this one is he one that makes me laugh and that gets stuck in my head for weeks on end.
My Fair Lady follows Eliza Doolittle, a cockney lady who is poor and lets face it is a bit hard on the ears, and her journey from the gutters to high society.

Pan's Labyrinth:
This is actually a Spanish film but I really love foreign films I turn on the subtitles and sit back and enjoy the show.
This is another strange styled movie but I have been fascinated by it for years.
This is a dark fantasy film about a young girl who meets fairies one night and when she follows them they lead her to a faun who informs her that she is actually a Princess but she must prove her royalty by performing three gruesome tasks. 
It sounds like a nice fairy tale but this might give some children nightmares so it is for us adults.

Rocky Horror Picture Show:
One of the funniest and most ridiculous movies I have ever seen but one of my all time favourites.
Rocky Horror is a musical that follows Janet and Brad who break down late one night and find themselves at the door of Dr Frank'N'Furter's castle where there is a strange gathering of the most unusual people you could find.
Full of catchy tunes, science, aliens and so many laughs this is a movie that I have close at hand.

What are your favourite movies?
Have you seen any of mine?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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