Friday, 8 August 2014

Fashion Friday: 1930s!

Hi Dolls,

This week I am moving forward through history from the roaring 20s to the classy 30s in our journey through fashion.
When people think of the 30s their minds automatically jump to gangsters and a Bonnie and Clyde type of lifestyle but there was so much more to the 30s to know and love.

The 30s was a time of depression through the world where we were right in the middle of two large wars but even though people were poor or not well off they certainly didn't dress like it.
The 30s saw men in double breasted over coats and classic fedoras and the women donned fox fur and shoulder pads were a must.

 The start of the 30s saw the demise of the iconic Flapper Girl look and the start to the Garbo look.
Every woman wanted to be as classy and stylish as Swedish/American actress Greta Garbo with her side parted hair, broad shoulders, tall thin silhouette, small busts and fitted skirts that widen slightly at the hip and falling down to the mid calf.

The development of artificial silks and zippers make achieving the Hollywood look more affordable for those less fortunate.
Hats were all the rage with the hight of the Beret, Pillbox, Trimmed Turban and Toque hats which in my opinion this matched the cropped hairstyles and soft waves perfectly.

While women were copying the manly suit look from Greta Garbo they were also applying make up like Joan Crawford, bright lips, eye shadow and fake lashes (which would take a salon two hours to apply).

Little girls were also after the Hollywood look with every little girl having the iconic Shirley Temple ringlets. Little Shirley Temple was an inspiration to many little girls through history, me being one of them. Still to this day her songs and her style is being recreated on many adorable toddlers.

Towards the end of the 30s we see a shift to military styled outfits for the ladies and a return of the snood to contain long locks.
Fashion made some big moves through the 30s seeing more fitted outfits and shorter skirts and woman becoming more adventurous with make up and accessorising. 
The 30s are by far one of the classiest eras  of all time for fashion and beauty.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

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