Friday, 15 August 2014

Fashion Friday: The 1940s!

Hi Dolls,

We have finally made it to the forties the era of the Andrew Sisters, Ragtime and unfortunately war.
The forties have always amazed me the fashion, music and the way of life so I have been hanging out to get to this post with you all.

You could say that he forties was the time where modern fashion came about with the love of bright colours and bold jewellery. Gloves became a huge hit with the love of the Edelweiss deer skin gloves. Animals were in fashion but only for their fur, every kind such as  Crocodile purses, Leather sleeves, Wombat collars and Lambskin lining.
Scarves were known as mufflers which were usually made from cashmere in patterns of plaid.

The forties were known for their glitz and glamor, a lady wanted to look highly fashionable and adorned herself with rhinestone encrusted lapels and cuffs.
Dinner coats were a must in soft honey and opera hats, chamois gloves and silk scarves helped a lady achieve her desired look.
Brooches were a jewellery must with designs encrusted in gems and crystals it showed the real glitz of the time.

Two distinct shapes emerged in the mid forties these were a tubular, slim, straight chemise dress drawn together at the waist with a belt and the other chunky, bulky style giving the effect of fullness without gathers.
With either look the hair would be styled and pulled back behind the head along the nape into tight braids and secured with a net.
Three styles of jackets came into development the bolero, the box jacket and the fitted cropped jacket.

The forties saw the limit of fabrics available to manufacturers because of the war but by the 1945, the end of the war, saw a come back of high quality fabrics and softer more tranquil tones in fashion.
In the following years saw a shift to a more asymmetrical cut in dresses including the one shoulder dress.
Patent Leather made a comeback in the late forties in shoes and belts. 

Dior had a great influence in fashion in the late forties with the change of shoulder pads going from a square look to a more natural rounded look. They also introduced the first short and long evening dress, spiralling from above the knee to train length. 

There were so many changes with fashion and beauty through this decade that I could talk about it forever. People wanted to look like the Andrew Sisters and Joan Fontanne.

Have an amazing weekend dolls! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 
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