Friday, 22 August 2014

Fashion Friday: 1950s

Hi Dolls,

I know a few of you have said you have been hanging out for the fifties and I'm right there with you. 
The fifties have always been a favourite of mine most of my favourite movies were made in the fifties so sometimes I feel like I am still living through the era to this day.
When I think of the fifties  I think of full circle skirts and cats eye glasses but there is so much that people don't remember of the fifties so lets have a step back in time back to the era of rock'n'roll and poodle skirts.

The fifties was the a major leap for the fashion industry no longer did people feel that they had to conform to set looks for specific situations but now felt the freedom of wearing what they thought was expectable.
Waistlines were a huge part of women's fashion in the fifties some loving the new fitted waist were others opting for no waist which was referred to as the sack dress. 

One of my all time favourites, inspired by Chanel, Tweed suits made their appearance in the early fifties normally found in shades of charcoal grey and gunmetal. But some of my favourite tweed suits were worn in pastel shades topped with a matching box hat.
Tweed suits paired with a cuban heel was a must.

Day necklines ranged from the turtle or polo neck to the draped cowl and deep wide round scoop. Even suits had deep stand away necks sometimes filled in with a scarf, gilet or ribbon tie but sometimes a little outrageous and went all bare.

In 1954 women wanted a prominent and more pointed chest and a straighter and softer silhouette which is a change from the full skirts found earlier in the fifties.
The costume look was all the rage in 1954 with coats regularly available with matching dresses. Jackets came in varies lengths with short bolero's to the long skyscraper jacket by Ben Zuckerman.

My favourite thing about the fifties was the design to make shaped shoulders without the use of shoulder pads. Instead many were able to make tailored sleeves with a round bump at the top.

An Asian look become popular in the late fifties with women choosing brighter more oriental tones in their clothing like red. jade, yellow and sapphire. 

On item that I still head for to this day is capes. In Winter I personally think they are much more comfortable than a tailored dress coat and they keep my so much warmer. The cape replaced the jacket in 1956.

The mid fifties also saw the transition to the iconic Trapeze Dress or commonly known at an A-line dress. Design houses such as Dior captured its beauty and continued making dresses in this style throughout the duration of the fifties.

Throughout the duration of the fifties fur was a must, even though there was a luxury tax placed on all furs in the US this did not stop people from staying stylish and trendy in Winter. The tax was reduced in the mid fifties and more people started buying into the fur fashion. 

October 1957 the fashion world had a tragic loss this was the death of non other than Dior. Saint Laurent was replaced as his replacement as head designer for Dior. 
Dior's last design was the shift only a couple of months before his death.

1958 saw the end of the one shape fits all approach in fashion but saw the start of designers making the effort to accommodate for all shapes and sizes.

The fifties was the time of all my favourite style icons, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren. It was also the era of Elvis and other rock'n'roll icons.
The glamour of the fifties is something that still inspiring woman of today with woman wanting the wedding dress of Grace Kelly or the style of Marilyn. It's not often that people make such an impact on the fashion world that surpasses their time on this earth but these icons have, with the exception of Sophia Loren who is still catching eyes on red carpets.

The fifties will always have a special place in my heart that will be my inspiration for style, beauty and even the way I hold myself and the morals I follow.

Have an amazing weekend Dolls! 
Take Care and Love! 
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