Friday, 29 August 2014

Fashion Friday: The Sixties Baby, Yeah!!

Hi Dolls,

The sixties, a time of mini dresses, go go boots and beehives. Not only was the fashion amazing and eye catching so was the music. Some of my favourite artists were at their peak in the sixties, like The Beatles, and a lot of them had a lot of influence on what happened in fashion.

The early sixties were a lot like the fifties, subtle and conservative, but then we reached the end of the sixties and we see the shift to psychedelic colours, tie dye tops and long hair and beards, the iconic hippy era.

But lets start from the beginning, when I think of the early sixties I think straight away of Jackie Kennedy, Bridget Bardot and Princess Margaret, they were just a few key people of style at this time. Always found with their hair styled perfectly in Beehive Coiffure.

In 1962, Hollywood gave us Breakfast at Tiffany's with the ever so lovely Audrey Hepburn, do I need to say more she is pure perfection.
Hubert de Givenchy blessed us with that iconic black dress, that people are still loving to this day, and this started the fashion of high bosomed, sleeveless gowns.
Holly Golightly has inspired the looks of so many women through history, me being on of them.

1962 also blessed us with Cleopatra, with the amazing Elizabeth Taylor, this started a trend of Egyptian themed and styled jewellery and dresses thanks to the designer Irene Sharaff.  

But like I mentioned before the it lady was non other than Jackie Kennedy with her high bosomed coats, berets, fitted evening gowns, breton hats and jewellery like non other.
She was in headlines, not only for her position in life but for her immaculate style.

1964 saw the love of the word feminine in the fashion world, ruffles, pleats, hair hows, and lace are just a few things that made a comeback with the use of this word. 
Cosmetics also took on the feminine look with the use of pale lipsticks and a more natural nail. No longer did a woman want curls but more of a wave sloping down the back of the head. 1964 saw the start of girls with curly hair racing off to the hair salon to get a chemical treatment to give them that desired straighter hair.

1965, the british fashion revolution, this is what I loved about the sixties I base my Winter look around this exact time. 

1966, the start of mod, fresh out of London, mini skirts with coloured fishnets or lace textured stockings, little girl shoes, over the shoulder bags were the go so was gaudy jewellery especially antique pins and geometric earrings.

Then came 1967, this is where we met Twiggy. Twiggy the iconic model of the mod era who bought the world the mini mod era. She was seen as and insult to the female figure by some but to the fashion world she was an inspiration. At only 17 this British model graced the covers of all the leading magazines and bought with her the fun and life of the mod era.

1968 welcomed the time of the love child, our beloved hippies. Everything was loud, colourful and expressive. Peace was everywhere. Even woman of influence joined in on this trend, it was a mix of meditation tops, gaucho pants and most of all vests. 

1969 gave us the term Unisex, women were becoming more masculine wearing pants all the time and men were becoming more feminine with the use of bronzing gels and moisturisers, so products were commonly marketed as unisex.

A lot happened in the sixties, not only did we have peace but the man walked on the moon. The sixties was a huge turning point in all areas in out life not only fashion.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! 
Take Care Dolls and Love,

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