Sunday, 10 January 2016

Hello it's me again... and I have a new name!

It has seriously been ages since I have even gotten chance to sign onto this blog account, I would estimate around a year. So much has happened so I thought I would touch base with you all and say a huge "hi". 

So if you haven't already noticed by the name of this post, I am now married! 
Scott and I got married on the 24th of September 2015 in the magical town of Queenstown on the south island of New Zealand. It's been just over three months and it's still hard to believe that after 11 years we are finally husband and wife. Every time I see my name on a letter or on a Facebook status I have to do a double take and after a few seconds I realise that it's me and a huge smile covers my face, it's the greatest feeling. 

So other than getting married this past year we have traveled to New Zealand twice and then went to Japan later in 2015, I started a uni degree in design focusing on photography, we moved into a small unit together and had many many adventures, some good and some hard. 

I will share with you all our magical adventures in the time to come as I slowly get back into writing and sharing my world and mind with everyone again. For now I will leave you with a happy snap from our wedding, but the details of our fairytale wedding will come another day! 

Take care everyone, and remember you are the sprinkle on top of a cupcake!

Holly x
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