Thursday, 31 July 2014

Throwback Thursday: Coloured Wedding Dresses!

Hi Dolls,

I am a lover of the classic white wedding dress and I will be choosing exactly that when I find my perfect dress, but did you know that it was Queen Victoria who made the iconic white wedding dress so fashionable. Before that it was actually more common to be married in a a bold coloured gown or even just their Sunday best what ever it was that they could afford. 
White was actually considered a colour of mourning for French Queens.
In a lot of Asian cultures it is still common for a bride to be married in red, the traditional colour of good luck.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at some celebrities that branched out and opted for a coloured gown rather than the normal white.

Dita Von Tease in the most out there but stunning wedding dress for her marriage to Marilyn Manson.

Jessica Beal sporting a perfect pink gown at her wedding to Justin Timberlake.

Gwen Stephani in her iconic ombre pink gown in the wedding to Gavin Rossdale.

Reese Witherspoon in her perfect pale pink gown for marriage to Jim Toth.

Liz Hurley sporting her Indian gown for the wedding to Arun Nayar.

Kaley Cuoco in her beautiful gown for wedding to husband Ryan Sweeting.

Elizabeth Taylor in a iconic 60s dress for the marriage to Richard Burton.

Avril Lavigne in a very rocker looking gown for her marriage to Chad Kroeger. 
Sometimes people just are made to be different and I think each coloured gown worn by each celebrity showed their personalities perfectly.

Would you ever consider a coloured wedding dress? 
If so what colour?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Movies!

Hi Dolls,

I am one of the biggest movie fans and so is my Fiancé so we spend a lot of our weekends watching movies and sourcing out something new to watch.
There are so many great films out there and so many genres to choose from so it is easy to find something that you fall in love with and continue to watch for years to come.

So I wanted to share with you all some of the movies that have a place in my heart.
Movies that I just can't get enough of and movies that keep me entertained, which is a hard thing.
I like a vast amount of genres so there might be something for everyone here.

Howl's Moving Castle:
So you might might already have noticed that I love anime especially Hayao Miyasaki movies.
Well Howl's Moving Castle would have to be my favourite of all his films.
If you are not used to the Japanese style of Anime you may find it weird or a bit out there but that is exactly what I love about it.
This movie is about Sophie a teenager who gets cursed by a witch and is turned into an old lady. To hide from her shame of being and old lady she finds refuge in Howl's castle.
Howl is the wizard in the parts that is fighting to save the land from the evil of the King's head sorceress. 
This movie is also about the bond between Sophie and Howl and their beautiful love story that forms.  

Across the Universe:
Can I get a show of hands of all those Beatles fans out there!! 
If you put your hand up then you have to watch this film. This movie is loaded with Beatles music.
Set at the time of the Vietnam War and the hight of political unrest, where young adults hit the streets protesting the themes of love and peace, is Jude, from Liverpool, who has come to America in search of his American Father. Jude forms a bond with some young Americans who are scared about getting shipped off to war and are fighting for a world of peace.
You can see how the Beatles songs fit in here perfectly!
A film filled tragedy, love and strong views on peace and politics this has been a favourite since I first saw it back in 2007.

Ok who doesn't love jazz, lounge singers and a good fight for human life oh and an amazing selection of broadway classics.
Chicago is a film that follows the women on death row for murdering the men in their life.
We meet Roxy Hart, who shot her boyfriend because he was leaving, and Velma Kelly, A Jazz Singer who killed her Husband and her Sister for having an affair, and their fight for freedom with their lawyer, Billy Flynn, who seems to like his fame more than his clients.
This is a film filled with jazz numbers and quirky moments that keep me coming back for more. 

House of Flying Daggers:
This is an amazing film filled with Martial Arts and Fantasy.
I have never really loved martial arts films but this I bought as soon as I saw it.
It has the most placid themes through the film that keep me at peace and filled with joy.
Of coarse it's a martial arts film so its got fighting and action but there something calming about the way they have made this film they really captured the peace of the Asian culture.
There is a  secret group called The House of Flying Daggers that the police are trying to investigate, so the captain sends investigate a young dancer that they believe to be involved with the secret group.
The officer arrests Mei, the dancer, and then breaks her out of jail to win her trust and to help lead the police to the secret group.

Ok I quote this movie all the time I find it absolutely hilarious it has that dry humour that tickles me right to the core.
This is actually my hype movie, if I am ever feeling low I watch this and I'm all good again.
The film follows Juno, a teenager that falls pregnant to boyfriend Bleeker, and her journey through her pregnancy and how she deals with it all.

You can tell by the name that this is not a feel good movie but it is so well made it is one of my favourites.
This film follows Justine and her struggle with bipolar and also the story of how the family are handling the fast approaching planet Melancholia that looks to be pacing earth by.
I really mean that if you are wanting a feel good movie than this is not it you have to watch this when you are in a good mood its an intense film at times but so worth the watch.

Memoirs of a Geisha:
I loved this film and I loved the book!
This is everything that I love about Japan, their deep culture that us westerners can't even begin to imagine living in.
This film follows Chiyo, a small girl who is sold to a Geisha house in Kyoto, and her journey from slave to famed Geisha and her fight for love.
This might have to be my most watched movie I love it every time!

My Fair Lady:
You can't have a movie list without a Audrey Hepburn movie and even though I love so many of them this one is he one that makes me laugh and that gets stuck in my head for weeks on end.
My Fair Lady follows Eliza Doolittle, a cockney lady who is poor and lets face it is a bit hard on the ears, and her journey from the gutters to high society.

Pan's Labyrinth:
This is actually a Spanish film but I really love foreign films I turn on the subtitles and sit back and enjoy the show.
This is another strange styled movie but I have been fascinated by it for years.
This is a dark fantasy film about a young girl who meets fairies one night and when she follows them they lead her to a faun who informs her that she is actually a Princess but she must prove her royalty by performing three gruesome tasks. 
It sounds like a nice fairy tale but this might give some children nightmares so it is for us adults.

Rocky Horror Picture Show:
One of the funniest and most ridiculous movies I have ever seen but one of my all time favourites.
Rocky Horror is a musical that follows Janet and Brad who break down late one night and find themselves at the door of Dr Frank'N'Furter's castle where there is a strange gathering of the most unusual people you could find.
Full of catchy tunes, science, aliens and so many laughs this is a movie that I have close at hand.

What are your favourite movies?
Have you seen any of mine?

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Manicure Monday: Pastel Princess!

Hi Dolls,

I have been absolutely loving my nails this week and I really didn't want to paint over the acrylic and take away from that french tip look that I had done last week.
So I pulled out a couple of my pretty pastel shades and went to work playing and figuring out exactly what it was that I wanted to have on my nails.

So I have used these shades a couple of times in posts but they are truly a couple of my favourites that I can't get enough of.
Please welcome Planks A Lot by OPI from the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection and I Think In Pink by OPI.

Because I already had the white tips on my nails from last week I had an easy task of tracing what was already there for me, So I wasn't free handing it like I would normally have to do.
So I started with Nicole by OPI's Base Coat to protect my acrylics from getting damaged and from staining. Then on the tips only I applied two coats of Planks A Lot to each nail skipping the middle nail.
Then grabbing I Think In Pink I then applied two coats to my middle finger only on the tip.
Once the tip was dry I sealed over the top with OPI's Top Coat to make everything look super shiny and also to protect the tips from chipping.
But while the Top Coat was still wet I grabbed a 3D nail art bow, that I purchased off of eBay, and gently pressed onto my thumb nail and allowed that to dry.

The finished result are beautiful pastel tips fit for any Kawaii Princess!

This was the first time I had used the 3D nail art bows and at first it felt a little odd having this large attachment on my nail but I slowly got used to it and now I can't even tell it is there.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Sunday, 27 July 2014

What I've learnt so far ... wedding edition!

Hi Dolls,

I have been busy the past week planning a pre wedding trip to Queenstown for a couple of days to go and look at venues and to talk to the wedding decorator. I have been busily answering emails from a heap of different companies and trying to plan everything to fit in with the short time we will be there.
In most circumstances it has been easy and there has been no trouble but there has been a couple of things that I have noticed since I have been planning this trip.

Because the only way I can communicate with the companies is via email this leaves things open for interpretation and it sometimes takes a few emails to try and get my point across.
Another thing with emailing I have found is if you number each question you want to ask you will have a higher chance of the company answering all your questions. I have emailed one place in particular I asked quite a few questions and they didn't answer anything other than can I book a time with you, which was quite frustrating.

I have also learnt that if I am wanting a particular company used for my wedding I have to get in early.
Most of the companies I have been dealing with are basically booked out and it's still six months until we go over there.

Have ideas of what you are wanting before you talk to companies. I am so indecisive on what styles I want or how I want my hair and make up but I have found that I really should be having things planned or at least a couple of photos ready so that I can give them to the companies so they can get a heads up on what they are going to be expected to do.

Have a diary handy so that you can make sure that you are budgeting you time perfectly and make sure to remember you have travel times in between all the appointments as well.
There would be nothing worse than booking everything and then finding out that you have double booked or you haven't allowed yourself enough time for travelling.

 But the most important thing I've learnt so far is how nice people can be. I emailed one company, Absolutely Fabulous Hair, and she has been the most helpful and the nicest person I have had the pleasure of dealing with to date.
I love to see that there are still people out there that are willing to go out of their way to help you no matter what even though you have never met the person they are still doing everything they can to help you to there full capacity and even more.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!! 
Live your life with love in your heart and help bring joy to those around you!

Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Food Diaries: Blueberry and White Chocolate Muffins!

Hi Dolls, 

I know I know I cook a lot of muffins but can you blame me they are so good!

So this week I managed to get blueberries one sale quite cheap, which is a rarity, so I was racking my brain as to what I could create with these delicious berries and every time I think of blueberries my mind just jumps to warm blueberry muffins fresh from the oven cut open with a tiny bit of melted butter. But because I have only just made blueberry muffins I thought I would try some a little different.
So thats when I found the white chocolate in the cupboard and thought "perfect!"

So as always I will do two sets of ingredient lists, one with a vegan/ gluten-free/ diabetic version and another version for all those normal people out there!

What you will need for the vegan/ gluten-free/ diabetic version is:

1/2 cup of Coconut Sugar
1/4 cup of Nuttelex (vegan butter), melted
1/4 cup of Almond Milk
The equivalent to 1 Egg using Egg Replacer
1 teaspoon of Vanilla
1 teaspoon of Lemon Zest (or more if you like a stronger taste)
1 cup Gluten Free Plain Flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of Gluten Free Baking Powder
1/4 teaspoon of Salt 
1/2 cup of Sweet Williams White Chocolate with Strawberry Pieces (or just the white chocolate if you prefer), chopped
3/4 cup of Blueberries

And if you are cooking the standard version you will need:

1/2 cup of Sugar
1/4 cup of Butter, melted 
1/4 cup of Milk
1 Egg
1 teaspoon of Vanilla 
1 teaspoon of Lemon Zest (or more if you like a stronger taste)
1 cup of Plain Flour
1 1/2 teaspoons of Baking Powder 
1/4 teaspoon of Salt
1/2 cup of White Chocolate, chopped
3/4 cup of Blueberries

Now we are going to preheat the oven at 180ºC or 350ºF.
Prepare a muffin tray with muffin cases and set aside for later.
In a medium bowl, Sift Flour, Baking Powder and Salt and combine.
In a jug combine Sugar, melted Butter, Milk, egg and Vanilla.
Once combined add wet ingredients to the dry ingredients and stir gently.
If the mixture is still quite thick you can always add a little more Milk.
Fold in White Chocolate and Blueberries, be sure not to break the blueberries.
Spoon mixture into muffin cases and place in the oven for 15-20mins or until skewer test is clean.
Cool on wire racks and then they are good to eat.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Fashion Friday: The Roaring Twenties!

Hi Dolls,

If I had to choose one era to be my favourite for fashion it would have to be the twenties.
Flapper Girls and Gangsters, two toned brogues loafers and finger waves just some of the beautiful things that make the twenties great.

The 1920s was the decade where style entered into what we know as modern fashion.
We said goodbye to corsets and hoop skirts and hello to plunging necklines and lots of glitter and glitz.
It is also the era where us ladies starting dressing for comfort and started wearing pants.
Not only was there vast style changes but the development of new technologies meant that we no longer had to be laced into or button up in our clothes because of the invention of hook and eye.

The twenties also was the start of the boyish look, where ladies started cropping their hair and wearing suits. With a lot of influence from France and designers like Coco Chanel, bobs were in and so were Cloche Hats and tight finger waves.
The more common way to describe these lovely ladies are none other than our beloved Flapper Girls. A new breed of young women who wore short skirts, cropped hair, listened to jazz and let it be known that they aren't going to be these quiet meek little girls anymore with a lifestyle filled with parties and a more open way of living life to the fullest, something you would expect to see in The Great Gatsby. 

The interesting thing about this era was they went to great lengths to make themselves look flatter in their chest, stomach and hips to keep in line with the desired boyish look.
They developed a style of corset that flattened everything out unlike the corsets that we are more familiar with that actually did the exact opposite. This was known as the side lacer to pull everything flat. In this time it was seen that people with larger chests were unsophisticated unlike the admired Flapper Girl.

As for cosmetics it was seen better to be pale but only until the beautiful Coco Chanel was seen sporting a lovely tan after a holiday it was then seen as a sign that you live a life of leisure and that you looked fit and sporty.
The Flapper Girls changed the world of cosmetics completely. Previously it was seen to be trashy to wear make up, or a large amount of it, it was only those in the theatre and the ladies of the night that would wear make up but the Flapper Girls brought in the desire to wear heavy amounts of make up.
The invention of the metal lipstick container made it easy to transport and also the use of compact mirrors became fashionable. Dark eyes were all the rage and so too was blush.

Basically everything we now know about fashion and cosmetics is thanks to the twenties. 
If it wasn't for those ladies of this era who knows we might still be wearing floor length gowns and large bonnets.

Thanks to The Great Gatsby being such a huge hit a lot of the fashion from this era has made a come back in the past couple of years. One store I love, called Alannah Hill, devoted a lot of their collections to this era with lots of embellishments and a lot of much needed glitz but have since moved onto other eras for inspiration.

Alannah Hill circa 2013

This dress really looked stunning on. My Mother in law actually wore it to my Brother and Sister in laws wedding this year and words could not explain how beautiful it looked on her with a peach cardigan.

I am thankful for the twenties and what it has given us in fashion today.

I hope you all have a wonderful day! 
Take Care Dolls and Love! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Little About Me and a Liebster Award!

Hi Dolls,

I got a lovely message from the beautiful Natalie from Yours Truly, NY  who sent her love told me that she nominated me for a Liebster Award. I have been nominated a few times but I like to keep answering your questions and sharing a little more about me with you all.

And I also got a nomination from the beautiful Emma from Peace.Love.Vintage so I have combined them both here!

So what is entailed in this nomination post is I have to tell you all 11 facts about myself and answer 11 questions that Natalie has given me and normally I am meant to nominate 11 lovely bloggers but I'm not going to do the last part only because I have done it before and they would be the same people I would nominate again.

11 Facts About Me:

1. This year I have been with my Fiancé for a decade how time flies.
2. I am Vegan and also have a strict diet due to a form of Diabetes and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
3. I am the youngest in my family and I still live at home with my parents and my dog.
4. I am very strict on finances it has become a joke at our house that I wont spend money if I can help it.
5. I am a bookworm I read all the time and if I had a choice of watching a movie or reading a book I would choose a book every time.
6. I have an obsession with pastel decor I love frilly and fancy pieces and my kitchen is filled with lolly jars and bunnies and cupcakes lots of cute decor.
7. I am a qualified hairdresser but due to a work injury I had to leave the industry.
8. I love everything Japanese, the food, the clothes, the people, the culture and the anime.
9. I am addicted to tea I literally drink it all day. My Fiancé says that if they ever juiced me all that will come out would be tea.
10. I had twin brother and sister that were born premature and did not survive so I have been named the miracle child in our house.
11. I am very much an introvert I will choose to stay in my hermit shell than go out any day.

Questions from Natalie:

1. What's your pet peeves?
I seriously cannot stand people slurping like a cup of tea or soup and they slurp I don't like the sound it annoys me like crazy! 

2. What's your ambition? 
I would love to be a professional blogger and also an online entrepreneur but most of all to be the best wife in the world and to be able to move to Queenstown in New Zealand.

 3. Worst date story.
To tell you the truth I have never had a bad date. I have been with my Fiancé since I was 16 and he is the only one I ever went on dates with I guess I'm lucky.

4. What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?
There is this gelato store on Lygon Street in Fitzroy near Melbourne, Australia, who makes the greatest Italian gelato and the Apple Pie flavour is the greatest thing I have ever tasted. period.

5. If you could relive a day in your life again, which day would you like to relive again?
I would choose the day my Fiancé proposed to me.
It was in Queenstown, New Zealand, and he organised for a helicopter to take up to a snow capped mountain and while up there he asked me to be his forever we had the greatest time on that trip it was amazing not only because he proposed but it was the greatest holiday I had ever had.

6. Which celebrity would you like to be for a day?
This one was the hardest for me I know it's weird but I don't really think about this kind of thing.
But maybe I would like to be Emma Stone I find her hilarious and really down to earth.

7. Who is your favourite Disney Princess?
Now this is my kind of question haha I am the biggest kid ever.
I would have to say Belle I have always loved her when I was little I used to dress up as her. My Mum made a dress for me that looked exactly like her yellow ball gown it was amazing and I always had it on. I think I also like that she is the only brunette, well she was when I was little, and she also shows that sometimes the right man is not always 'Prince Charming' and Mr Perfect he might have a beast that he needs to fight. But my Prince Charming he is Mr Perfect haha! 

8. What's you favourite app at the moment?
Now you are going to see how much of a kid I really am.
I am addicted to Kitty Kawaii.
Basically it's Farmville but with Hello Kitty and her Sanrio friends!
I can't get over the cuteness.

9. What makes you unique?
I am an old soul people my age are into the new and best of everything and I'm still sitting in front of my record player listening to LP's of the Beatles.
I also have a dress sense that is not typically what people would wear where I live I like to get inspiration from Japanese culture rather then the western culture.

10. What's your ideal date?
The greatest date I have had and it would have to be my ideal date was going to the Onsen Hot Pools in Queenstown. They are traditional Japanese hot tubs which over look the mountains on Queenstown and we got chocolate, wine and grapes served to us while we were there it was so perfect.

11. Favourite cuisine.
If you haven't already noticed I love Japanese food.
We have a Japanese restaurant about 15 minutes away and when we can afford it we like to treat ourselves to lunch there and get a lovely bento box.
But once a year for our anniversary we head into Melbourne and have dinner at the Nobu which is a Japanese Peruvian infusion it is amazing!

Questions from Emma:

1. What is your favourite Beauty Brand?
I have favourites for different reasons.
I love Too Faced they make  the most beautiful palettes and mascaras.
I also love MAC for their lipsticks.
But I love Chanel for their foundation.

2. Which skincare item could you not live without?
I am loving Neways am-pm combo creams.

3. Do you practice a fill cleansing routine each day?
Yes, I use a matching product from Neways to cleanse.

4. Do you prefer a real suntan or a bottled one?
Neither, I love to embrace my pale skin.

5. What is your favourite Song? 
I have a couple.
My hype song is Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles 
and a song that I can't get enough of is Just Like Heaven by The Cure.
I know I'm an old soul... but if you want to know a newer song I have had stuck in my head it's Dark Horse by Katy Perry.

6. If you had no fears, what is the first thing you would do?
My Fiancé took me to New Zealand to the snow fields in Queenstown and I was that scared that I ended up in tears and I was back in the car half an hour later. I felt awful, it was all he wanted to do and I was too scared.

7. What do you love most about blogging?
Sharing my life with the world and meeting those people I make a connection with.

8. Who is your favourite blogger/ youtuber?
I have a few...
-Sprinkle of Glitter

9. What's your favourite food?
Japanese, especially Nasu Miso (Eggplant cooked in a Miso sauce)

10. Do you have Instagram?
Yes, @hollydolly88.

11. What is your favourite season?
Winter hands down.

Thank you so much for all the love you all show me through your views, your comments and your subscriptions. You all deserve this award more than anyone else! 
I hope you all have a wonderful day.
Take Care Dolls and Love.